What if the Cylinder of the Roller Forming Equipment Does Not Work?


Roll forming equipment relies on the central cylinder to work, so the cylinder plays an important role in roll forming equipment. Among the many components, the comparatively important is the working condition of the cylinder. If the oil cylinder is stuck in use, the formed steel will be irregular or even broken.


The failure of the oil cylinder directly causes the roll forming equipment to not work, which is very troublesome. Many people directly replace the oil cylinder in order to save time when encountering such problems. In fact, this is a great waste. Now I will show you a quick way to judge how to deal with related issues and reduce costs. At the same time, the equipment must be operated correctly.


1. To troubleshoot rollforming equipment cylinders that are weak or inactive, first check that the valve core is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, or the piston rod and the cylinder are stuck. These faults are generally caused by excessively dirty hydraulic oil. After cleaning the cylinder, the hydraulic oil needs to be filtered to solve the problem.


2. Please check whether the centerline of the piston rod and the centerline of the cylinder barrel are in the same line. If they are not in the same line, it means that the cylinder is deformed. In this case, it will also cause weakness or failure to work. If it is serious, replace it with a new one.


3. There are several reasons for the lack of cylinder movement, insufficient thrust, and inaccurate parking position. One is oil leakage inside the cylinder, the other is oil leakage in the circuit, and the third is the overflow valve bypass circuit. This is an internal injury. Some problems can be repaired, and some cannot be repaired. Such problems are usually repaired by relevant professionals, but even repairs are better than replacement.