What is 925 Sterling Silver & How to Know if it’s Fake

Sterling silver is often confused to be exactly same as the regular silver we know about. Sterling silver and ordinary silver are not the same metal, however. Gorgeous 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry stamped with the 925 mark contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or another metal. Jewelry made of 925 sterling silver has a 925 certification mark on it. Due to its endurance, sterling silver is a more favoured metal. Due to its great malleability and softness, pure silver is inappropriate for various uses. While sterling silver contains a small percentage of other metals, the 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry is stronger and more durable as a result. Working with sterling silver is uncomplicated. Jewelry made of 925 sterling silver is durable and goes well with the majority of gemstones. Pretty Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings, graceful Silver Gemstone Bracelets, brilliant Silver Gemstone Necklaces, stunning Silver Gemstone Pendant, and glittering Silver Gemstone Rings are some of the 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces available.