What is an erbium glass laser?

Erbium Glass Laser uses fractional technology. It allows one to adjust the microbeams per unit area of skin. Moreover, its fractional approach decreases recovery time post-procedure. In fact, side effects barely ever occur. Erbium glass fractional fiber laser 1550nm machine helps in skin regeneration. Most importantly, it delivers faster skin regeneration. Today, we explore the fascinating world of erbium laser resurfacing treatment to learn about its benefits and uses for skin rejuvenation. Betsview Laser is a China erbium glass fiber laser manufacturer.


What is an Erbium Glass Laser?


Erbium glass fractional laser treatment aims to lighten skin. It involves distributing varying heat levels in the skin, covering a larger skin surface. The technique involved in the treatment helps enhance the treatment’s effectiveness and reduce the side effects that the existing treatment might cause.


Erbium glass laser serves as a micro rejuvenation treatment that helps treat wrinkles, coagulation, photoaging, etc. It penetrates the skin adequately to reduce wrinkles and acne scars and helps rejuvenate the skin.


Erbium Glass Laser Benefits


The results and benefits of erbium glass laser for acne scars or other skin conditions may vary from person to person. However, here are some generally observed benefits of erbium glass laser.


The treatment covers a larger skin surface:

1.Effectively treats acne scars.

2.Helps in the complete skin rejuvenation.

3.Anti aging treatment to reduce wrinkles.

4.Minimizes side effects experienced with the current skin treatment.


Fractional technology is used by the Erbium Glass Laser. One can change how many microbeams are used on each square inch of skin. Additionally, its fractional technique reduces the post-procedure restoration period. In actuality, adverse effects are very rare. It improves skin rejuvenation.