What is Land Mobile Radio

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) is a private real-time communication typically featured with push-to-talk activities, which can be realized via portables, mobiles, or base station units. Compared to public network communication, LMR ensures trusting communication during emergencies. LMR can carry out networking communication in complex terrain and signal coverage blind areas, providing robust communication for users.


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Land Mobile Radio Systems Standard

P25, TETRA, DMR, and PDT are the mainstream technical standards of LMR, which are widely used in the communication industries to provide high-quality communication services for both Mission-Critical (MC)and Business-Critical (BC)users.


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P25, or APCO-25, is a radio communication standard adopted in North America and Oceania. Its communication format is divided into Phase 1 and Phase 2. The P25 radio is a drop-in replacement for the analog UHF radio. Still, it adds the ability to transmit data and voice, allowing encryption and text messaging to be implemented more naturally.


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TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio, is a European digital trunked mobile communication standard based on Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). TETRA digital trunking communication system can provide command and dispatch, data transmission, and telephone services on the same technology platform.


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DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) digital trunking communication standard is an open standard designed and formulated by ETSI to meet the market needs of an affordable digital communication system with wide area coverage and less complexity.


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The PDT (Professional Digital Trunking) standard is a trunking communication standard from China and going international. This standard has the characteristics of high-cost performance, security and confidentiality, and scalability. It can meet the needs of most trunking communication industry users, including public safety, emergency rescue, firefighting department, etc.


Why are Land Mobile Radio Systems Important?

LMR has been used worldwide and proved to be the most reliable voice communication tool for critical communication users through decades of rigid tests from the harshest environments and extremest conditions. Its simple and easy PTT operations that realize individual calls, group calls, call interruption, etc., are considered essential for such users. Also, LMR works closely with system, dispatch, and software applications, and becomes interoperable through integration with other systems like PSTN, video conferencing, PTToC, CCTV, etc., further extending its capability to empower critical communication users.


Users of Land Mobile Radios

LMR can be used in many industries, including public safety, emergency, commercial, etc., which means that LMR can be used in all walks of life.

For MC (Mission-Critical) users, which is typically associated with public safety, LMR provides reliable communications for safety, security or emergency crisis management and prevention, where lives and environmental or social damage are always at stake.

For Business-Critical (BC) users, LMR helps them to enhance work efficiency and reduce operational failure, which may result in business revenue loss, brand damage, or increased costs.

Hytera Land Mobile Radio Solutions

As a global LMR communication provider, Hytera provides users with professional LMR solutions. These include DMR Two-way Radios, DMR Systems, TETRA Two-way Radios, and TETRA Systems.