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What is the history of online ordering platform for restaurants?


Online ordering platform for restaurants is a digital service that allows individuals to order food from restaurants and have it delivered by the restaurant.


In the past, these platforms were only used by large chains such as McDonald’s. They were later introduced to smaller restaurants in order to increase their sales.


Online ordering has been around since the 1990s but it only became popular in the 2000s. The first online ordering platform was launched in 1995 and was called OpenTable. It allowed people to search for available tables at nearby restaurants and then make a reservation online. In the late 2000s, online ordering companies started to develop their own platforms and the first one that was widely adopted was Seamless started in 2009.


The main advantage of online ordering is that customers can put appropriate orders into a system and it will guarantee them a ready-made meal. The difference between what you order and what you get depends on the restaurant’s market share.