What Is The Reason For The Motor Power Attenuation?


After a long period of operation, our car may sometimes experience a power system attenuation, which will obviously feel the lack of power of the car, especially in the process of loading the cargo or going uphill. In such a situation, we should take immediate measures to prevent more dangers from happening, but first we need to know the reasons for several car power attenuation. The    Eaton Char-lynn Motor   states:

1. During the ignition process, uneven fuel combustion may occur, causing excessive carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, resulting in poor heat dissipation and increased motor load resulting in overheating. This results in attenuation of motor power.

2. If the ignition is too early, it may cause pre-ignition and knocking of the combustible mixture, causing the motor to reverse. The carburetor is tempered, so that the power is reduced, and the ignition is too late, which will cause the combustible mixture to burn. The indoor combustion is sluggish, the burning time is increased, the muffler is fired, the motor is overheated and the power is reduced. This can also cause damage to the motor.

3. Piston, piston ring, serious wear of the cylinder causes the matching clearance between the piston, the piston ring and the cylinder to increase, and the sealing performance is deteriorated, resulting in air leakage of the cylinder head, which reduces the compression pressure of the cylinder. If the valve leaks, if the valve clearance is not properly adjusted, the valve timing is out of alignment and the valve is closed, the cylinder pressure will be reduced and the motor power will drop.

4. There is a crankshaft transmission inside the motor. If the lubricating oil in the crankcase is too much or too little, the lubricating oil will deteriorate or be dirty, and the lubricating oil passage will be blocked, which will directly affect the power of the motor.

5. Due to the long-term use of the air filter, the blockage is not cleaned in time, and the choke valve is forgotten to open or not fully opened after the motor is started. The insufficient air volume will cause the combustible mixture to be too rich, resulting in a decrease in motor power.