What is the swedish massage?

Swedish massage therapy is the most common type of massages. Soft, light, rhythmic tapping and long  strokes, kneading, on muscles ( not deep but only on upper layers) along with the passive movement of joints are all part of Swedish Massage. This therapy is both energizing and relaxing. This is used for relieving muscle tension and may be helpful after an injury as well. If this is what you are looking for, grab on the opportunity to instantly get a Swedish massage near me without wasting another minute. 

We offer 4 types of common strokes of Swedish massage at Swedish Massage Montreal as follows: 

Friction: deep, circular motion that can break down scar tissue and help increase blood flow.  

Petrissage: squeezing and rolling combined with kneading 

Effleurage: techniques to relax soft tissue using smooth and gliding strokes 

Tapotement: short and alternate tapping with cupped hands, edges of hands or fingers.