What Makes NativeScript An Ideal Choice For Enterprises To Build Their App?

Cross-platform app development has long been popular as it allows for faster development schedules and reduced costs. In truth, the tale does not end here; businesses seek an app that provides a better user experience, performance, and engagement.

However, with the emergence of frameworks such as NativeScript, these expectations may be readily met. Developers may now use this technology to create native-like apps with a single codebase. And even for the web equivalent of the identical software with flawless performance.

This is one of the main reasons why every leading mobile app development company favours a cross-platform framework like NativeScript.

So, let us see what else is in the bucket.

Key NativeScript Value Offerings For Enterprises


  • Lets You Get the Benefits of iOS and Android Runtimes.


When you develop an app with NativeScript, you can use the Android and iOS runtimes. This grants access to all of the native API functionalities for both platforms. The same goes for any third-party plugin you may want to install. You no longer need separate codebases or plugins for each platform.


  • Access Native APIs

NativeScript is extremely extendable since it enables easy access to native APIs on both the iOS and Android platforms. It is one of the best things you have access to using CocoaPods, Android SDKs, and many other plugins and templates. It helps in broadening the functionality and the UI and UX of your app.


  • Enhances Code Sharing and Reuse:

With NativeScript, you can share around 75% – 80% of your codebase across platforms. The framework automatically adjusts the code to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Further, this saves a lot of time, money, and resources that would otherwise be spent on developing separate apps.


  • Supporting other JavaScript frameworks

NativeScript makes it easy to integrate with most JavaScript frameworks. You can use any plugin or framework and any libraries and tools that are compatible with Angular, TypeScript, or JavaScript.


  • Offers a Modular Architecture:


NativeScript has a modular architecture that allows you to use only the features you need. This makes it easier to develop, deploy, and maintain your app. Plus, it also reduces the size of your app, making it faster and more efficient.


  • Open Source and Has a Large Community:


NativeScript is an open-source framework with a large community of developers who are always ready to help. Also, it is backed by NASDAQ: PRGS, which has been behind a slew of successful software initiatives. The company’s extended enterprise assistance also supports many initiatives.


  • Easy to Learn and Use:


NativeScript is easy to learn and use, even if you are not a native app developer. The framework uses JavaScript, which is a popular programming language. Moreover, you will find many resources to help you get started.


  • Free To Use 

NativeScript is free to use, even commercially. You can use the framework to create an unlimited number of apps without paying any licence fees. However, when you hire NativeScript Developers for the project, you must pay a service fee.


  • Progress and Apache back NativeScript

When large corporations are involved in the business, the fear of failure reduces. As previously said, NativeScript is backed by progress and has an Apache 2.0 licence; with such names participating, organisations should have confidence that the framework is here to stay.


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