What Will Affect the Number of Passes of a Cold Roll Forming Machine?

The growth of the steel construction industry, metal processing business, and other industries has benefited from the creation and usage of the cold roll forming machine, which has substantially enhanced production efficiency.


What variables impact the number of cold roll forming machines? The number of cold roll forming machines is a significant component in determining its quality. We’ve gathered here to try to figure out what’s going on.


1. The design concept of the designer of the cold forming machine plays a decisive role in the number of passes of the forming machine


According to the customer’s experience or the degree of conservatism, the designer of a cold roll forming machine may increase the number of passes, allowing mishaps to be corrected in real time.


2. The number of passes of the cold roll forming machine is affected by the thickness of the material.


Many people feel that the thicker the material, the more channels are necessary; however, this is a one-sided approach, because the current cold roll forming technology is relative in this regard.


3. Due to the low configuration, a higher number of passes can lower the pressure of cold roll forming machine equipment.


When the material is thin, the number of channels can be raised to minimize the likelihood of creating waves, and the number of channels on a cold roll forming machine can be increased to reduce surface scars.


The following is an overview of the parameters that influence the number of passes on a cold roll forming machine; if you have any further questions, please contact us and we will address them one by one.