What’s the difference between medical surveillance and medical screenings?

Attentive young doctor talks with female patientWhat’s the difference between medical surveillance and medical screenings?So, what’s the difference between Medical Surveillance and Medical Screenings? Medical surveillance and medical screening may seem like interchangeable terms. While similar, there are a few distinct differences between surveillance and screening.

To help you understand the difference between the two, take a moment to read this breakdown of medical surveillance and medical screening.

Medical Surveillance

Under OSHA compliance regulations, an employee’s medical status is monitored and evaluated over a period of time. To determine his or her baseline measures, an employee’s work and medical history are reviewed to check for early signs of potential medical conditions from either work-related activity or work-related exposure which may put an employee at risk.

The results of a surveillance exam inform an employer on his or her standard to comply with protective actions from OSHA regulations. The objective of the surveillance is to rectify or eliminate the issue causing the work-related issue or exposure.