Where is the Difference Between Hydroxy Silicone Oil, Hydrogen Silicone Oil and Methyl Silicone Oil

1. Hydroxy silicone oil


Hydroxy silicone oil is a colorless and transparent liquid, with excellent electrical insulation and high and low temperature resistance, high flash point, low freezing point, so that it can be used for a long time under the conditions of -50ºC~+250ºC. And it also has low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression rate, low surface tension, good water-repellent and moisture-proof property, chemically inert and physiologically inert.


Use of Hydroxyl silicone oil: mixed with crosslinking agent and catalyst, it can be cured at room temperature, and it is the main component of leather slip agent. It can also be used as leather brightener, release agent, etc.


2. Hydrogen-containing silicone oil


Hydrogen-containing silicone oil can be cross-linked at an appropriate temperature under the action of a metal catalyst to form a waterproof film on the surface of various substrates. It is widely used as fabric, fire extinguishing agent (dry powder), paper, metal, leather, wood, glass, cement, waterproofing agent, anti-sticking agent or anti-corrosion agent for ceramics and marble.


3. Methyl silicone fluids


Methyl silicone fluids are colorless, odorless and not volatile; it is insoluble in water, methanol, ethylene glycol, and can be miscible with benzene, dimethyl ether, methyl ethyl ketone, carbon tetrachloride or kerosene. It has a small vapor pressure and a high flash point and burn point.


Methyl silicone fluid has excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertia and small surface tension. It also has a low viscosity-temperature coefficient and high compression resistance.


Uses of methyl silicone fluid:


(1) Methyl silicone fluid is used as insulation, lubrication, shockproof, dustproof oil, dielectric fluid and heat carrier.


(2) Methyl silicone fluid is used as an additive for defoaming, film release, paint and daily cosmetics.


(3) Methyl silicone fluid is used in the treatment of sewing thread to increase lubrication, and it can keep thread on high-speed sewing machine.


(4) Methyl silicone fluid is used for the soft finishing of fabrics, increases the lubricity of the fabrics, and increases the smoothness, fullness and elasticity of the fabrics.