Wholesale Baby Pull Ups Manufacturer in China

As a wholesale cloth baby pull-ups supplier, Zhejiang BI manufactures different types of baby pull-up nappies, including Ultra-Thin Baby Pull-Ups, Maxi Baby Pull-Ups, Swimming Pull-Ups, Compostable Baby Pull-Ups which are used different sizes and material.


The super-soft absorbent fabric of our baby pull-up pants can maintain the baby’s comfort, and the high-quality raw materials have excellent absorption properties, which can prevent wetness and keep the surface dry.


Types of Baby Pull Ups


FAQ of Wholesale Baby Pull Ups

Why put pull ups on baby?


Baby pull-up diapers not only have the function of preventing urine but also have the function of ordinary shorts; Pull-up pants are easy to wear and easy to move around, which can help mothers reduce fatigue and allow babies to learn to walk easily. The magical elastic waistband has strong elasticity and does not feel like a tight fit and comfortable panties. Moreover, it has a large absorption capacity, so you don’t have to worry about it when you sleep. There is multi-layer three-dimensional hemming design around the legs, which is soft and close to the body, and leakproof. The close-fitting tailoring strengthens the waist design, and the waist tailoring is especially suitable for the lively baby, and it is still comfortable and fit to wear. Pull-up pants are also particularly suitable for toddlers when the baby starts to learn to walk because the pull-up pants are elastic and close to the body.

What is the difference between baby pull ups and baby dapers


The difference between pull-up pants and baby diapers is the price, because the price of pull-up pants on the market is generally higher than that of diapers. The most obvious difference between diapers and pull-up pants is that one waist is not tight and one waist is fed. The bonding part of the baby cloth diaper is on the lower abdomen, while the bonding part of the pull-up pants is on both sides of the thigh.

Can pull ups replace diapers?


There are differences between diapers and baby pull-up pants. But some maternal and baby brand baby pull-up nappies also have the function of diapers. Thus choosing baby pull-up nappies with strong functionality can also meet the needs of children. In this way, baby pull-up pants are replaceable. The most obvious difference between diapers and baby pull-up pants is that one has no tension at the waist and the other has tension at the waist. The bond between a diaper and a pull-up is at the lower abdomen, while the bond between a pull-up and the thighs. The main difference is that baby pull-up nappies are training pants, whereas diapers are more difficult to take off once you put them on.


What age do babies wear baby pull up pants?


Baby pull-up pants are generally suitable for children after eight months. At that time, the baby will turn over and climb. So the amount of exercise and hands-on ability of the baby every day will be enhanced a lot. Because diapers are slightly bloated, baby pull-up pants will be a better choice. Sometimes the baby will tear the paste on both sides of the baby pull up nappies, scratching the body. Thus the baby should begin to exercise sitting up. Baby pull-up nappies with elastic wear are easy to take off.