Why Should you Build Your Crypto Exchange Using Microservices Architecture

The microservice architecture structures an application as a combination of services. Microservices is considered to:

Have a well-defined purposeRun on its own service processCommunicate well with HTTP and other variants of APIImprove or downgrade independently of other servicesFunction independently, meaning that it can be started and stopped freely without affecting other services“Acts on its own” and need not have the knowledge of other servicesThe microservice architecture is leveraged to build various applications, one of them being cryptocurrency exchange software.

Benefits of microservices architectureComparatively easier to develop and maintain the platformSecurely adjusts to the needs of customersCan be modified or altered according to the future requirementsEasier to be implemented in various coding languages and at different parts as it is not stuck with any particular languageEnsure better security measures as all services are monitored individuallyIf one function fails, it does not lead to the collapse of the overall application, unlike in the case of monolithic architecture.Several versions of microservice architecture can run simultaneously as it works in an independent fashion.