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Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer

Windmill mainly includes wind blades, turbine, wheel hub, and wind tower. Each component belongs to oversize cargo which needs to be transported by ordinary highway and also needs to be transported by specialized vehicles. For the wind blade, its length is very long, which has become the main feature different from other equipment of the windmill. However, the longer the blade, the more difficult wind turbine heavy haul transport carriers and the higher the transportation cost. With the development of low wind speed and the large capacity of the unit, the transportation of wind blades is a big problem.


The proportion of windmill blade transport cost to the total has gradually increased, and the longer the blade, the higher the requirements on the wind turbine transport road. Therefore, how to transport blades safely and economically is a technical problem that needs calculation and planning, in which Wind turbine blade transport trailer will be a helper on this.



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Walks with the new challenge — the full record of 81m wind blade transportation.


81- meter wind blades are on the way. This length not only brought many difficulties to transportation but also new opportunities and challenges. In view of these difficulties. The Blade lifter has a stronger loading capacity, which can better adapt to the project road conditions, and reduce the pressure caused by the wind blade transportation.


The road is narrow, and there are many vehicles around, plus the wires are close to the buildings, so the blade lifter can only walk backward. It is extremely testing of wind turbine heavy haul transport carriers.


In the cave on the village road under the expressway, due to load with the wind blades, the blade lifter needs against the cave wall and hang the blades. especially at the entrance, it did not operate properly, the blades would be damaged. Therefore, the huge wind blades need to keep adjusting the height of the blades and accurately estimate the height. After that, people will successfully pass through the entrance and reach the designated position.


The Advantages Of Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer


The blade trailer ordinary has a telescopic boom flatbed trailer, semi-low bed and hydraulic suspension. Let’s introduce to you:


The ordinary telescopic flatbed trailer is somewhat similar to extendable flatbed trailer, but its chassis adopts the telescopic boom design. The boom adjusts the trailer length to extend to the wind blade transport of different lengths. It is understood that the maximum length of such a wind blade trailer can reach 70m.


The biggest difference between the semi-low bed and the flatbed is that the platform height adopts the low bed trailer design, which makes the wind blade lower. There is also have a suspension that adopts the hydraulic axle design, which keeps the wind blade more stable and the steering more flexible.


Wind blade trailers, full extend length can reach to 35m, 42m, 45m, 56m,62m,70m which with hydraulic steering. The biggest feature of the wind blade trailer is that it is super long and has a longitudinal telescopic function. Due to the super long model, it is very difficult to turn. In order to overcome the difficulties of driving in mountain areas, wind blade trailers are generally equipped with a hydraulic steering system.


Such trailers are specially designed for the transportation of wind turbine blades, with a maximum telescopic length of 70 m. Due to the length of the cargo itself, the turning difficulty is greatly increased. In order to overcome the difficulty of driving in curves, all axles are steerable and matched with the power pack for the hydraulic power supply. equipped with wireless remote control to realize steering, and the maximum angle is 55 degrees.