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Wireless Battery Monitoring System

The wireless battery monitoring system adopts a new wireless communication technology, which reduces the on-site wiring by half and avoids the potential safety hazards of too many cables. This wireless battery monitoring device is a smart battery monitoring system that is easy to install and shorten the construction period on site. The wireless battery monitor has comprehensive functions with complete facilities and strong anti-interference ability.


Wireless Battery Monitoring System Types


H3G-THWL Battery Management System

Wireless Battery Monitoring System Advantages


The innovative ZigBee wireless relay function can effectively reduce the wireless and reduce cables and connectors, and the communication packet loss rate between the sub-module and the control module.



Exclusive wireless communication technology guarantees good timeliness and high stability.


Intelligent communication port and frequency choice, with strong anti-interference.


Wireless Battery Monitoring System Functions


ZigBee Wireless Communication Technology provides better timeliness and high stability.



AI intelligent data analysis of the battery tender wireless battery monitor detects low effective battery, monitors the safe operating environment and outputs analysis report clear and easy to understand.