Wireless Scanner

Features and Application of Wireless Scanner

Remote Capability

Wireless scanners offer the benefit of remote use without the need to be connected to a centralized operating system. This makes them effective and practical for use when a large number of items need to be scanned over a wide area. For example, you can scan barcodes of items throughout a warehouse or entire retail store without being tethered to a mainframe computer. You can also take the scanner with you to other locations as necessary.


Battery Power and Safety

As wireless scanners operate on batter power, you don’t need to plug the unit into an electrical outlet. A loss of electrical power due to a thunderstorm or blackout does not hinder the collection of data. Saving electricity can benefit a business or other organization concerned with minimizing utility bills or decreasing energy consumption. Eliminating the need to plug in also offers greater mobility, as there are no cumbersome power cords to deal with. The lack of cords also increases safety in warehouse settings, where equipment and people are constantly on the move.


Cost Savings

Using wireless scanners can result in greater worker efficiency, reducing labor costs and helping improve a business’s bottom line in the process. Instead of the time and effort required to bring items to a centralized location for scanning, workers can go to the items wherever they are stored. When scanning, workers move from one item to the next quickly and complete the job more rapidly. This reduces the number of hours required to track inventory.


Ease of Use

Wireless scanners typically feature a user-friendly design, as the lack of cords or wires allows for easy maneuverability in tight spots, such as for products stacked on pallets in a warehouse. A common design is the “gun-shaped” model that fits easily and comfortably in your hand. You point the device at the product’s barcode and “pull the trigger” to emit the beam of light that scans the code and stores the information about the object being scanned.


What if my wireless barcode scanner is out of range?

The wireless scanner support a feature called ‘Data Accumulation Mode’. When ‘Data Accumulation Mode’ is enabled the device will, in an out-of-range situation, store the scanned data. When the scanner is brought back into range the scanner immediately sends all data to the host.