Z1p TETRA Professional Digital Radio

Z1p TETRA Professional Digital Radio

Handheld | TETRA

The ultra-thin Z1p TETRA digital radio supports handsfree call in duplex mode, encryption, trunking transmission, and etc. With these features, the communication distance and voice quality in noisy environment are assured. The radio is framed by rugged metal and with IP67 protection. Moreover, it is available in both black and silver colors and the former one is lighter than the latter.


Highlights of Z1p



>Min. 255 g in weight, easy to carry >Only 23 mm in thickness, easy to hold >Tactile keys, easy to operate



>Built-in BT >Good visibility in sunlight >Route trace >Over-speed alarm >Wireless update



>Loud and clear voice >Multiple security mechanisms (AIE, E2EE and more) >Man down >Lone worker >Emergency mode


Specifications of Z1p


Frequency Range

405-475MHz; 806-870MHz; 320-380MHz

Dimensions(H×W×D) mm

120 × 58 × 23(with standard battery) 120 × 58 × 26(1800mAh battery)


292g(with 1800mAh battery and antenna) Black plastic frame: 255g(with battery and antenna) 279g(with 1800mAh battery and antenna) Metal frame: 268g(with STD battery and antenna)

Operating Voltage



1400mAh Li-lon battery(standard) 1800mAh Li-lon battery(option)

Battery Life (TMO 5/5/90 duty cycle)

>16hours(1400mAh) >20hours(1800mAh)