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ZYPEEK PEEK Materials Polyetheretherketone Peek Material

ZYPEEK is a kind of semicrystalline aromatic polvmer and its main chain of macromole is consist of arvl. ketone, and ether. PEEK has the properties of heat resistance, chemical stability as thermosetting plastics, and good processability as thermoplastics.At present, PEEK is one of the polymer materials with excellent properties.


Properties of ZYPEEK Peek Compound

Joinature’s FD-PEEK products are divided into two categories: pure resin and compounds.


According to flow from low to high, there’re 3 main grades: 770, 550, 330.


According to the form and processing method, there’re 6series: Powder (P), Fine Powder (PF), Granules (G), Glass Fiber Reinforced (GL), Carbon Fiber Reinforced (CA), Friction & Wear Resistant (FC). Besides the existing 52 grades, we could also provide customized products according to customers’ actual requirements.


Our PEEK products are widely used in injection moulding, extrusion moulding, compression moulding and spraying, etc.

FAQs of Peek Raw Material Products


The main characteristics of peek material?

Zhongyan Co., Ltd. mainly adopts the preparation method of nucleophilic high-temperature displacement reaction to prepare PEEK raw materials. It effectively guarantees the stability and consistency of PEEK product quality, as well as the constancy of color and purity.


What field is peek mainly used in?

The main ones are the electronic semiconductor industry, analytical instruments, industrial machinery, automotive industry, aerospace, petrochemical and other fields…


What are the characteristics of polyetheretherketone?

Mechanical properties Self-lubrication Chemical resistance (corrosion resistance) Flame retardancy Peeling resistance Fatigue resistance Radiation resistance Hydrolysis resistance.


What are the basic parameters of peek material?

It is compound modified with high temperature resistant structural materials and electrical insulating materials to produce various grades of compound modified special materials.