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Becoming a pioneer in the confectionery industry needs continuous improvements and adequately serves clients globally. This is the vision DhimanGroup stands for. Keeping the innovation in the center, we produce highly efficient confectionery manufacturing equipment to match the industry standards. Client satisfaction is our top priority, the reason why their needs are considered in the first place while we manufacture each of our specific types of confectionery equipment. This approach differentiates us from other confectionery machine manufacturers present in the market. Dhiman Industries (Regd.) was founded 75 years ago, in the outskirts of Punjab, with the motive of being the best supplier to the confectionery industry. The principle has only modified and improved with the time that made us establish multinational setups with three manufacturing plants in India, and the USA. Acquire the premier confectionery machinery with the quality assurance that we promise to each of our customers. Choose only the best!

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