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Friday Night Funkin Plush If you’re a Friday Night Funkin fan, you’ve probably heard of the Tricky Clown. He’s one of the creepiest characters in the game and has a few clever tricks up his sleeve. If you want to take your FNMF experience to the next level, check out the FNF Tricky Clown Plush. While you’re at it, be sure to pick up some of the other coolest FNF toys for your collection.The trick to keeping a Friday Night Funkin plush clean is to not touch it too often. This is especially true if the FNF Tricky Clown is stuffed with felt pieces that could be susceptible to abrasions.Pibby Pibby is one of the glitched or corrupted characters that you'll encounter in the second week of Friday Night Funkin. She looks like a Pitbull puppy with neon colors, and she's a fun addition to a Friday Night Funkin collection.Pibby isn't a popular challenger in the game, but she makes an excellent plush for fans and gamers. She's a great character because she has a lot of personality in the game, and she's also pretty creepy. Fortunately, you can find her plush in a variety of places online.