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Mairs Turnstile is a professional manufacturer of pedestrian turnstile gate equipment in Shenzhen, China. We mainly produce and customize a variety of pedestrian turnstile gate products and security road barrier equipment. Our products include full height turnstiles, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, tripod turnstile, sliding turnstile, speed gates, road blocker, automatic rising bollards, tyre killer, and so on. We can also customize special turnstile gates according to your actual needs. We have a professional sales team, pre-sales, and after-sales personnel, as well as professional engineers to customize the turnstile gate for your special needs. Our customers are never concerned about cooperation, because we have solved the problems before the customers find them. This is our service tenet.Do you need to customize a special turnstile gate? We provide OEM and ODM services. The customization contents include customizable card swiping board, turnstile design, logo silk printing, door diameter, doorway width, chassis size, lighting effect, barrier shape and material, surface treatment method, waterproof and dustproof grade, identification method, integrated system, etc; Your dimensions or drawings are also acceptable, our OEM service makes sure you will get the turnstile gate you need. You can also view some videos above, which contain the special pedestrian turnstile gate we customized for customers.