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Moongodess Intuitive Healing


I am Selina and I am an intuitive energy healer based in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast. As an intuitive healer, I have an innate gift for sensing and working with subtle energy fields in order to facilitate healing and transformation. My work is guided by intuition and inner knowing rather than any formal training, though I have spent years developing and refining my natural talents. During a session, I tune into the unique energy signature of each client and any blocks or imbalances they may have. With deep focus, I channel healing energy to areas in the body-mind-spirit that need it most. This may involve energy channel opening and clearing, chakra balancing, releasing stuck emotions or limiting beliefs, soul retrieval, or other techniques according to what I am intuitively guided to do. My goal is to support each person in coming into alignment with their highest potential and living from a place of wholeness. I create a safe, sacred space for profound healing to occur. My intuitive abilities allow me to 'see' into the root causes of a client's issues in order to bring compassionate awareness and lasting transformation. Though my work is mystical in nature, the results are tangible - clients often report feeling lighter, more energized, resilient, and empowered after a session. I feel blessed to have discovered my purpose in using my natural intuitive gifts to be of service.