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When you want to make something special that will last a lifetime, you can turn to creating custom portraits. These are popular with people in all walks of life and are offered as a gift to those who have shown their love for them. The custom image can be any picture or image that you wish. There are many things that you need to know when you decide to create a custom portrait.Photos taken from your digital camera can be used in a photo collage. This photo collage will be used as a keepsake and can be displayed for the years to come. You do not need to buy a photo collage software program if you do not have one. Using your computer, you can take pictures and then use these photos in your personal photo collage.You will need to purchase a soft blank canvas that will go on top of the portrait photograph. You will also need to find a sturdy material to use to cover the background. The background should be something that is large enough so that you do not end up with any bleed through and it should also be flat and high.