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In global tracking system to help people in the shopping center parking lot to find your car before, they help us find its nuclear submarines. The United States is in control of 31 interfere with satellites provide continuous coverage. In order to destroy the GPS jammer system, hostile forces should attack the constellation of different satellites. Interference is a more attractive attack. Fuzzy signals to the earth's specific GPS receiver jammers are needed to create can overwhelm the original satellite signals of the competition. But interference devices often betray themselves. You can call communication encryption to uplink disrupt GPS system, but when they will be the ground signal is interrupted, GPS attacked more easily, this is known as downlink link interference frequency. Turn on or off your phone, and experts can hang your thread without any problems. So, no matter where you are, as long as you are wearing interfere with the mobile phone can be recycled, not only, but all of this happen around you. Mobile phones become an emotional microphone. Even with a closed cell phone? My interlocutor says even closed phones. Even better, without your knowledge, is responsible for hearing agent can remote open your mobile phone. You think your laptop closes when it opens. Getting mobile phones to interfere with these problems involves working groups in multiple industries, supported by the French ministry of defence's land manufacturers' association (GICAT), which was founded in 2013, and the two island institutions now test, including Fresnes. "Placed at the entrance of the battery, they are more accurate," explains Christopher Dorangeville. Three years will invest three million euros equipment 26 sensitive mechanism. Thales is working with the electronic bracelet justice, as well as the manufacture of these bracelets national judicial intercepted platform. In Paris will soon be installed thousands of cameras on the street, just like in London. But millions of wild microphones are running: your phone. Our interlocutors said, if you want to avoid brutal obedient, you must take out the battery from the device. Even in these situations, there may be a way to keep track of you! In fact, the only way to escape or at least delay is to encrypt. GSM jammer technology interference cheap terrible expensive, so the place out of the reach of ordinary users. I wrote "delay," because so far no encryption can withstand long efforts to break it. Even better: your mobile phone can be used as a "beacon", because the GPS system, it can track all your actions, to find you to the nearest meter. Quite a number of transportation companies - taxis and trucks - also use this option to track movement of the vehicle. With companies specializing in hacking in this special contract signed a "voluntary tracking" face to face. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including instant translation service. In all possible languages. Avenue of the same name from Paris La Tour Maubourg barracks in the basement of installed a large theater system is not enough. When there are dozens of workbench queuing, forensic police have to notice the headphones is received all the phone alone. You can remotely locate or operate the phone, and listen to what's around the device even if it's closed. At present, all mobile phone with bluetooth operators by interference can be sent without learn the user's computer code activation of discrete listening mode. Therefore, each cell phone can be used as a spy microphone, and only when the battery is removed can the connection be broken. Should investigate the opportunity, the fact is, if it is valid, and effectively prevent the enemy's emissions, it could mean loss is an important source of information.A disturbing action because "it involves electromagnetic radiation, can be dangerous, because the cell phone jammer can detect by hacking. Therefore, we must be careful to keep the page on the material, especially in order to avoid unnecessary scrambling (especially early) There is absolutely no guarantee that the jam will be completely protected, even if it is much higher than the opponent. During the kosovo war Serbian shot F - 117 examples are an obvious example.It should not be to disrupt 4G on its laurels and to believe that success will always happen. Though the enemy weak approach also adapted to: he changed the frequency of the hearing, his time less and less, he also implemented the information movement. We heard everything you said, everything we said to you, we think - so we recorded all the conversation around you. Listening to work as a conference call, that is to say a silent, dormant third partner to be inserted into your conversation. According to Isabelle Gorce, they are not "very effective". "Either they don't have all the jobs, they don't have vague conversations, they have too much work to disrupt the internal communication between the regulators," said Christopher Dorangeville, the national secretary of the union prison. Christiane Taubira himself spoke of their "limitations" in a written response to a question from UMP's deputy in January. "Very expensive", these jamming devices will soon become "obsolete", technical development, such as the transition from 3 g to 4 g, explained the seal of custody. http://www.maah.me/user/ningai http://ningai.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/4228152/gps-jammer-device-attached-popular