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Though Buffett didn’t mention FOMO, he said on Wednesday, “The urge to participate in something where it looks like easy money is a human instinct which has been unleashed. People love the idea of getting rich quick, and I don’t blame them…It’s so human, and once unleashed you can’t put it back in the bottle.” Finally, you need to search in the crypto casino and pick the best Ethereum roulette game you want to play. Be sure that the game works with RNG technology and that it is provably fair. 41.62 Wild.io is a popular new crypto casino that offers 17 different virtual roulette tables. Players can try American or European roulette, bonus roulette, mini roulette, and more. At this time, Wild.io doesn’t have any live roulette tables. In the fast-paced world of online casinos and betting platforms, a new player in town is making waves and leaving its competition in the dust. Scorpion Casino, with its revolutionary $SCORP token, is poised to outshine even the most impressive surges in the industry, including Rollbits' 5000 surge. In this article, we'll delve into five shocking and previously undisclosed reasons why Scorpion Casino is destined for success this year.

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