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Mites attached to the carpet can have bad effects such as itching and bumps on the skin and can cause shortness of breath (asthma). This cannot be tolerated, so it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet and indor environment regularly. Elimination of mites and other bacteria can be done through spraying insecticides and other chemicals that can reach the bacteria. You can also eliminate mites and bacteria through Carpet Washing Services regularly and the results will look cleaner, neater and most importantly odorless. For some people, awareness to clean carpets regularly is not so important, even though this is very important to maintain health and a better quality of life. Thus, it is a good thing to maintain the habit of vacuum to remove dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet. However, carpet maintenance is not enough if you just want to get rid of stains and get rid of the "rubbish" accumulated under the carpet that isn't completely removed by the vacuum. Carpet Cleaning 1. It's really dry Carpet cleaning service does not use water or shampoo so that your carpet stays dry during and after cleaning. No additional blower or turn on the AC after cleaning! If there is an electric cable under your floor, only an office carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning service in Jakarta like can solve your indoor hygiene problems. 2. There is no drying time The carpet can be used immediately after cleaning where the carpet cleaning service is 100% dry. So if you worry about drying time during carpet cleaning treatments on your property, this will be good news for you! 3. Very effective Even though we don't use water and shampoo to clean the carpet, our dry clean carpet maintenance service has gotten the best predicate and received many positive reviews by other magazine road tests. Some of the leading furniture companies and carpet distributors in Indonesia strongly recommend using carpet care & cleaning services for their customers. 4. Very easy We can clean carpets in whatever state you like, anytime, anywhere, really easy! 5. Environment friendly and chemical safe We is committed to using environmentally friendly cleaning processes and biodegradable carpet cleaning products to protect the environment and, most importantly, protecting you from chemical reactions obtained from unsafe cleaning media. The reaction of chemicals that are not good for the body much like phosphate, is the center of attention because of the results of research conducted, there are indications that can cause problems related to health. Especially for some people who have allergies to chemicals. The chemicals found in some wet clean carpet systems are also known to make chemical markings that resemble dark areas after the carpet is cleaned and dried. The cause of this uneven color is often seen on large wool carpets that are usually placed in hotel lobbies.

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