10 Linkedin Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2023

LinkedIn is one of the best social media channels for B2B marketing. LinkedIn as a professional platform has grown rapidly in the recent few years. If marketers want to grow their business on LinkedIn they need to be updated with all recent LinkedIn trends and statistics. From the total number of users on the platform to the effectiveness of video content, to the demographics of LinkedIn’s user base, these statistics are sure to help you to understand LinkedIn as a whole and improve your reach and engagement on LinkedIn. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn marketing or an experienced user, understanding these LinkedIn statistics can help you make an effective strategy to grow your business.

1. Total users on LinkedIn

2. More lead generation

3. Reducing organic reach

4. Video contents has more engagement on LinkedIn

5. LinkedIn sponsored contents

6. Users on LinkedIn

7. LinkedIn Mobile Users

8. LinkedIn groups for brand engagement

9. LinkedIn company pages

10. Employee advocacy is key for increasing engagement