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1KW Wind Turbine

Product Description

1kw wind turbine

1. Description

1kw wind turbine is a device that converts wind energy into electrical energy to charge the battery pack or interface with the public grid. It can be widely used in windy areas. Now we have a 24v/48v off-grid working system and a wind and solar hybrid system. It can provide power for lighting, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, telecommunications equipment, etc. Grid-connected working system: the wind generator outputs three-phase alternating current, and the grid-connected controller PWM converts the alternating current into direct current, providing a stable direct current voltage for the grid-connected inverter. The power supply can be used for household appliances to interface with the additional power supply of the public grid.


2. Structure

The 1kw wind turbine off-grid working system includes: the main body of the wind turbine (blade rotor, permanent magnet generator, rotor body, tail rod, tail wing), guyed tower or inclined tower, charge controller with unloading, battery pack, inverter Device.The 1kw wind turbine grid-connected working system includes: the main body of the wind turbine (blade rotor, permanent magnet generator, rotor body, tail rod, tail wing), guyed tower or inclined tower, grid-connected controller PWM with unloading, and grid-connected reverse Changer.


3. Special feature – Over-speed Control System

● This power curve generated by wind tunnel testing indicated that the blade aerodynamics braking system starts to take effect from 14-15m/s wind speed, the rotor RPM is always limited within wind turbine rated maximum RPM at even higher wind.● Abandoned the traditional failure-prone mechanical furling system, the blade itself is designed with over-speed braking system which will generate a reverse reluctant torque to lower the blade rotation speed so that the blades and generator can be well protected in higher wind, it solved safety and reliability problems facing by most small wind turbines.● Combination of Electromagnetic braking and aerodynamic braking maximizes energy capture by extending turbine’s operating speed range into higher and lower wind speed which are missed by the old style wind turbines.


4. Applications

1kw wind turbine 5 Blades With Aerodynamic Braking suitable for residential and commercial applications both for off grid and on grid power systems. The unit provides a durable, reliable usage. For example,1) Villages, remote home off-grid, isolated farm, vineyard2) Telecoms repeaters3) Wind solar charging station4) Remote mining and drilling operations5) Relief team or scientific research team working off the grid6) Remote security monitoring7) Off-grid fishing or hunting cabins8) Boats or marine vessels


4. Specifications of HY-1KW wind turbine:



Rated Output


Peak Output


Rated Voltage (V)

Off-grid DC 48V

Start-up Speed

2 m/s or 4.5mph

Cut-in Speed

2.5m/s or 5.6mph

Rated Wind speed

12m/s or 26.8mph

System average Cp.


Rate Charging Current (A)


Noise level

<30dB (@50 feet distance from hub center)

KWH/month (monthly avg. V =5.5m/s)

Approx. 175

Working Temp. range

from -40°C to 60°C

Survival Max. wind

50m/s or 110mph

Over speed control

Electromagnetic brake & blade aerodynamic speed control

Number of Blades


Rotor Diameter (m)


Swept Area (m2)


Blade Material

Strengthened nylon glass-fiber

Generator Type

Brush-less 3-phase PMA with high performance Neodymium Magnets

Tower-top Weight


Tower Type

self-supporting, guyed, Tilt-up tower or rooftop mounting etc.

Controller Type



solar & wind hybrid lighting, on/off-grid power system etc.

Product Life (years)


Warranty (years)

3 years

Years on Market


Unit Sold Worldwide

>12,000 sets


Certified by ISO9001:2000, CE, RoHS, ETL


5. Brief introduction of HY Energy wind turbine:

HYE wind turbine is featured on higher power output at lower wind and excellent braking performance at heavy wind to prove its flexibility and reliability. We produce 400w, 600w, 1kw, 1.5kw and 3kw wind turbine with certified by CE, ETL, RoHs. There are 150 workers and 10 people R&D team. Each component of HYE wind turbine is in dependently designed. Our wind turbine has been selected into WWEA high quality product catalogue for 8 years and owns over 50 national patents, products have been shipped to more than 150 countries, such as France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, South Africa ,India etc., thanks to the subsidy policy, we have sold more than 6 thousands of wind turbine and controller inverter to France in 2012 and won a very good reputation, already hold 60% market share there.