245 Massey ferguson price in india

The Massey Ferguson 245 DI tractor is a symbol of efficiency and dependability in agriculture. With its robust 50 HP engine and the ability to lift up to 1700 KG, it excels in handling medium-scale farming tasks. 245 Massey Ferguson price between Rs. 7.15 – 7.75 lakh* in India in 2024, it offers accessibility without compromising on quality, making it attractive to farmers of varying financial means. Equipped with modern specifications like the SIMPSONS SJ327E TIII A type engine and advanced transmission system, it ensures enhanced performance and user-friendly operation. Features such as the dry-type pre-cleaner air filter and sealed dry disc brakes enhance its durability and lifespan. TractorGyan serves as a reliable platform for accessing comprehensive information about the Massey Ferguson 245 DI, including pricing, features, specifications, dealer locations, and user reviews. With a dedication to accuracy and transparency, TractorGyan empowers farmers to make well-informed decisions about this tractor model. Backed by a warranty of 2100 hours or 2 years and supported by a wide network of certified dealers across India, the Massey Ferguson 245 DI provides farmers with peace of mind and expert assistance. TractorGyan offers valuable insights to help farmers optimize agricultural efficiency with the Massey Ferguson 245 DI, whether it involves understanding maintenance tips or exploring its benefits.