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3.5KW-5.5KW Home Hybrid Solar Storage System

The household solar power supply systems are mainly aimed at home users. With the maturity of solar energy technology and the decline in costs, solar power generation, which was originally only used in commercial and industrial fields, has been slowly extended to the civilian market. Compared with commercial electricity, household electricity demand is relatively small in terms of power generation and load, and the budget is limited. According to the current general household electrical appliances and electricity consumption, the 3KW-5KW power supply system will be the mainstream, and the daily power generation will be about 10KWH-18KWH, which can not only meet most of the electricity consumption, but also control the cost within an acceptable range.


The Details of 3.5KW-5.5KW Home Hybrid Solar Storage System

It is customized by a professional team according to the actual electricity consumption, and meets more than 90% of the electricity demand.


The solar panels use cells with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%. The same number of solar panels will generate more power.


Wall-mounted lithium battery solution, stylish design, long service life, small size, more suitable for home solar power supply system.


It has the function of connecting with the grid as a hybrid system. When the solar energy is insufficient, it can switch to the mains without delay to ensure continuous power supply.


The Specification of 3.5KW-5.5KW Home Hybrid Solar Storage System