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3.97 inch TFT DISPLAY FOR Motorcycle Speedometer

3.97 inch TFT DISPLAY FOR Motorcycle Speedometer

Product Description

Our DG-T800480-397 is a diagonal 3.97 inch TFT Display Module that comes with 800*480 resolution. It is a transflective sunlight readable TFT display designed with MCU 24 bits interface. It reaches 400 cd/m2 backlight brightness and wide viewing angle. This TFT display is used in motorcycle speedometers. All of our products are available to be customized by client’s requirements.

DGH Unveils Next-Gen Riding Experience with TFT Display

1. Clarity in Performance Metrics: DGH’s TFT Motorcycle Display

DGH, a pioneer in cutting-edge technology, introduces the TFT Motorcycle Display, prioritizing clarity in presenting a comprehensive overview of your motorcycle’s performance metrics. The display prominently features Clear Speed & RPM indicators, ensuring crucial information is easily readable.

2. Stylish Layout for Enhanced Sophistication: Elevate Your Ride with DGH

The TFT Motorcycle Display from DGH not only enhances clarity but also adds a touch of sophistication to your ride. The stylish speed and tachometer layout contribute to an aesthetically pleasing dashboard, providing both form and function.

3. Seamless Smartphone Integration for Navigation: Ride Safely with DGH

Incorporating advanced features, the TFT Motorcycle Display seamlessly integrates with your smartphone for navigation. This innovative functionality enhances rider convenience and safety by sending step-by-step directions directly to the dash.