A Gun Hand Trigger Sprayer


A Gun Hand Trigger SprayerPrecise screw design, easy to install, suitable for a variety of bottles to match freelyMultiple leak-proof design, use at ease, the spray is fine and straight, more explosiveAfter being matched with a bottle filled with water, it is safe and leak-proof, with strong sealing performance, uniform spray volume, good exhaust function, and safety meets quality standards.The simulated product has no liquid leakage under high pressure (-0.05MPA) and high temperature (+70°-15°) environmentAdhere to the production process of the dust-free workshop, our products are clean, no magazines, and no oil stains.Brand:FeiFanMaterial:PPSpecification:28/400 28/410Color:CustomizableProcess:Can be processed according to customer requirements.Application range:Widely used in detergents, fresheners, mosquitoes, disinfectants, etc.