Abrex 400

We are had reasonable inclusion in offering accuracy arranged Abrex 400 Plate , which are utilized as a bit of different structure applications and can be benefitted in different evaluations like ABREX 400 Plate, Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates these appraisals are accessible as Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate.

ABREX 400 steels are the most for the most part used of the wear safe assessments. ABREX 400 demonstrates a momentous solidifying of high invulnerability to influence, usefulness, weld purpose of imprisonment and solidness to scratched zone. ABREX 400 has around different occasions the scratched zone deterrent of standard steel plate and helps drawing out the affiliation life of mechanical parts.


Thickness : 5mm to 150mmWidth : 1,500mm to 2,500mmLength : 6,000mm to 12,000mmHeat Treatment : N, Q+TSurface Paint : EP, PE, HDP, SMP, PVDFMaterial : ABREX 400 Plate, SUMIHARD k400 Steel Plate, DILLIDUR 400V Steel Plate, Essar Rockstar 400 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates.

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