Abrex 600 Sheet Plates Stockists In India

Since the fundamental limit of ABREX is to give assurance from scratched territory, in this way we try to manufacture precision fabricated Abrex 600 Plates, which are extensively known for their positive conditions like high insurance from effect, weld breaking point, handiness, and significantly more. One progressively included piece of breathing space that goes with the usage of ABREX 600 sheets and plates is that the greatness of the fundamental part reduces enormously, which shows to be of authentic help with truly grinding working conditions. This associates in growing the future of the mechanical parts related with these sheets and plates.

At Vandan Steel & Engg. co., we attempt to cling ourselves to all the fundamental worldwide models and benchmarks of collecting, to retreat the entire methodology. In addition, the amassing of Abrex 600 Abrasion Resistant Plates and Sheets, is done in proximity of all the skilled and experienced partners, who work relentlessly towards collecting the best grouping of things for our customers.

Our entire workplace is outfitted with the best extent of equipment and mechanical assembly, which makes the age of Abrex 600 Wear Resistant Plates and Sheets especially smooth and mix-up free. All these Abrex sheets and plates are caused available to our customers at a completely moderate an incentive to go.

Abrex 600 plates have a lot of characteristics given by solidified steel make it a convincing candidate in materials decisions. Solidified steel is subsequently low carbon steel which contains chromium at extra by weight. It is the extension of chromium that gives the steel of its novel flawless, spoil restricting properties.


Thickness : 5mm to 150mmWidth : 1,500mm to 2,500mmLength : 6,000mm to 12,000mmHeat Treatment : N, Q+TSurface Paint : EP, PE, HDP, SMP, PVDFMaterial : ABREX 600 Plate