Account Receivable Management Services

According to surveys conducted by HFMA 80% of hospitals and clinical groups only concentrate on their current claim billing, after the claims have been filed the in-house staff thinks that these claims are reimbursable. That is a false notion!


Monitoring Account Receivable management services is key when recovering unpaid claims. Most practices do network unresponsive and unpaid claims and eventually write them off as uncollectible. This will financially hurt your healthcare practice and will prevent it from growing. The best option for these kinds of practices is to hire a dedicated Account Receivable Management Services provider.



Hiring Account Receivable Management Services by choosing an experienced company like BillingParadise will increase your collections by up to 40% over a month and hold all unpaid claims accounted for. BilligParadise’s 24/7 Account Receivable Management Services collects including aged 90+ and 120+ AR that need resolution. Learn more about it on our page