Aceite cannabis mexico

Compartimos blog relacionado con el cannabis. Nuestro blog es ¿Usar cannabis en mascotas, buena o mala idea ?, ¿El papel del cannabis en la revolución mexicana y Usar aceite de cannabis o fumar cannabis durante el embarazo, bueno o malo?

ICAN is a Company based in Mexicothatfocusesonsharingquality, reliableinformationregarindingthehealthbenefits of cannabis, as well as market and industryinsights, and newsregardingthelegalization of cannais in Mexico and LATAM. Theirmissionis to laythegroundwork to facilitate a positive cannabis legislation in Mexico. ICAN also Works toconnectthe dots between politics, social impact, and business development in LATAM with the goal of building a thriving cannabis industry.

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