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Adjustable bracket LED street light(SLH6)

The AN-SLH6 series adopts the LED modular design, which can adjust the power flexibly by adding or reducing modules. The light sensor connector is reserved in the power supply box of the lamp. After connecting the special light sensor for LED street lamp, this kind of LED road lamp can be automatically turned on at dark and off at dawn.


The Details of Adjustable bracket LED street light(SLH6)

With a professional LED modular design, the power of this LED street lamp can be flexibly set by adjusting the number of modules, which is cost-effective.


These LED street lights with external day and night sensors can realize automatic light-on and automatic light-off without manual operation.


Optional MEAN WELL power supply, stable operation, 5 years warranty.


The lamp arm of these automatic LED street lights can support two installation methods.


The Specification of Adjustable bracket LED street light(SLH6)

Advantages of adjustable bracket

Led Street light is installed on the walls and roadsides of the streets used for road lighting, to provide good road lighting at night for walking people, but also can beautify the urban environment. The existing LED street lamp comprises a housing and a bracket connected at the tail of the housing, and the LED street lamp is installed on the lamp arm through the bracket, but the angle between the existing LED street lamp pole bracket and the housing can’t be adjusted and is not convenient for use.


The Anern AN-SLH6 series LED street lamp aims to providing a kind of LED street lamp which can adjust the illumination angle conveniently. By redesigning the arm connecting the LED lamp and the Pole, the Angle of the LED lamp can be adjusted. At the same time, for part of the installation condition without the lamp arm, you can also adjust the bracket to form a 90-degree to match the installation.