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ADVAN AC\DC TIG 315D.P Wide Input Voltage Welding Machines

ADVAN AC\DC TIG 315D.P Wide Input Voltage Welding Machines

Product Features:

1. Global input power 3PH-200V~440V

2. Ideal for generator power supply ,widely operating environment ,field work

3. Excellent high frequency arc ignition, up to nearly 100% success rate, improve work efficiency

4. Arc keeps stable when current is small, superb for welding thin plate

5. With pulse welding function; wide adjust range of pulse frequency

6. Adjustable Clean width and Clean scope to meet high technical requirements

7. Wide usage range,could weld almost all non-ferrous metal, specical design for welding Aluminum

8. Multifunction welding: AC TIG,AC pulse TIG,DC TIG,DC pulse TIG, MMA and Auto welding(easy operate at Auto welding ,only adjust welding current , preset other parameter at internal )

9. Strong ability of anti-fluctuation of power supply, the ratio reaches 15% ( industrial requirement 10%.)

10. Optional with water cooling box or tool box

AC or DC—What’s the Difference?

Polarity describes which way the electricity is flowing. With direct current (usually called DC), the polarity of the electric current always flows one way. The normal flow is electrode negative, which means the electricity flows from the welder, through the electrode, to the workpiece, and back to the welder. Reverse polarity turns that around and drives the current from the welder through the workpiece to the electrode.

dc tig aluminium machine

Direct current is favored for TIG welding most metals because it penetrates deeply. Welding aluminum is one of the only times that alternating current is preferred.

Alternating current, or AC, flips the polarity between standard and reverse quickly, from sixty to one hundred twenty times each second. Aluminum is usually TIG welded with alternating current. The quick polarity flips have a sandblasting effect that breaks up the surface oxides to produce a clean weld. The drawbacks to AC welding are that the weld doesn’t penetrate deeply and that it leaves a large bead on the surface.