Affordable Home Moving Service

We have countless positive testimonials from previous clients that will give you peace of mind. At Mr Cheap Transport getting your furniture from point A to point B safely and securely is our priority. We are not only a home furniture removal company, our services cover all aspects of your move, we can assist you from dismantling to hoisting, packing and more! If you are moving into a smaller home and are not able to take with all of your belongings along there is no need to let go of things that hold value to you, at Mr Cheap Transport we offer affordable storage facilities with 24h access on either a short or long-term lease. Sometimes it is best to look for a smaller, more exclusive home moving company, in which the supervision and services are much more meticulous. It is also highly recommended to reserve yourself a moving company in advance, even three or four months in advance. You can, of course book a last minute office moving service , but in these cases you may find yourself in a less professional use and quality of what you hoped. Every responsible moving company that provides a professional office moving service will guide you through the long, complicated process of organizing the office equipment. Every office, big or smaller, contains large amounts of office supplies, stationery and furniture.

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