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Morocco Desert destinations ?

There are 4 main desert destinations in Morocco, here’s a glimps into the differences

Zagora Desert

Zagora desert is the closest desert destination to Marrakech at 350 km, it could be done in 2 days, however you will not find any large sand dunes there. It is merely a barren desert with some sand here and there. However, the overnight in the camp and the camel ride is a beautiful experience, plus the road is quite scenic and varied.

Mhamid Desert

Mhamid is further down the road from Zagora by a 100 km, and we because dived a little more to the south, we start to encounter medium desert dunes and more Sahara like scenery. It is not recommended to do this trip when days are short and the sun sets before 6pm because of the long drive, but except an 8 hours drive either day.


Chegaga desert, a less famous destination but a definitely the greatest according to many people who visited them all. The difficulty to reach it due to the surrounding 140 km of necessary rough off-road, has helped Chegaga to maintain its authenticity, its wildness and its beauty. It is only reachable by SUVs and experienced drivers.


Merzouga doesn’t really need any introductions, it is the most famous of all destinations, due to its mighty golden dunes, the abundance of camps and service providers and the asphalt road leading to it. But also because it can be integrated in various combos of tours connecting between Marrakech and Fes and withing long tours.