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Air Cooler Tube Bundle

SB-111/SB111MC44300 Air Cooler Manufacturer: Tube Bundle for Air Cooler, SB-111/SB111MC44300, OD 25 MM, WT 2.77 MM, Parallel Connection, 0.196 Mpa.Name: Tube bundle of SB-111/SB111MC44300 of Air cooler.Material: SB-111, SB111MC44300.Length of finned pipe (mm): 9840mm.Base tube OD: 25mm.Thickness (mm): 2.77mm.Tube bundle: parallel connection. Design pressure Mpa (G): 0.196 Mpa.Design temperature ℃: 122℃.Project: Costa Rica project; Sudan Project.website: https://www.dfctank.com/sb-111-sb111mc44300-air-cooler-tube-bundle-od-25-mm-wt-2-77-mm.html