AllergEnd Plus EasyCare Mattress System

AllergEnd Plus™ – The benchmark allergen barrier – Complete comfort with proven durability

AllergEnd Plus™ are specially designed, 100% cotton, fully encased and zippered bedding covers to protect and aid sufferers of dust mite allergy whilst allowing complete comfort and a peaceful allergy free sleep.

Clean, pure and uncontaminated. In reality, that’s exactly how AllergEnd Plus™ protectors keep your mattress, pillow and quilt… clean and uncontaminated from dust, dust mites and their associated allergens.

The exclusive AllergEnd Plus™ cotton barrier fabric utilises the most superior weaving technology in the world to create the MicroTight™ barrier fabric. The real innovation is in combining complete comfort, softness, quietness and true breathability with total dust mite protection.

AllergEnd Plus’s exclusive MicroTight™ fabric has been tested by an Independent Laboratory using actual dust mite allergens. The lab tests conclude-  less than detectable amounts of actual house dust mite allergens can pass through the AllergEnd Plus™ fabric…even after years of hot washing and tumble drying. The zip up covers provide a complete barrier to dust, dust mites and associated allergens that can cause allergic symptoms among sufferers of asthma, rhinitis, eczema and other allergy related problems.