Aluminium Bronze valve manufacturer in India

Speciality Valve leads as the premier Aluminium Bronze Valve Manufacturer in India, exemplifying a dedication to quality and expertise in meeting diverse industry demands. Our supply extends to various states, notably Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar.


What is Aluminium Bronze Valve?

Aluminium Bronze valves are engineered from a unique alloy blend, predominantly copper infused with approximately 5-12% aluminium and occasionally supplemented with iron, nickel, or manganese. Renowned for their exceptional resistance to corrosion, robust strength, and enduring durability, these valves find extensive use across diverse industrial sectors. They excel in environments where harsh conditions and wear are prevalent, notably in oil and gas, chemical processing, marine, and manufacturing industries, where precise fluid and gas control is paramount.

Manufactured by Speciality Valve, our Aluminium Bronze valves serve as crucial components, regulating fluid flow within machinery and piping systems.


Our range includes various types such as:

1. Aluminium Bronze Ball Valve: This valve type features a spherical closure unit to regulate flow, widely used for its reliability and ease of operation.

2. Aluminium Bronze Butterfly Valve: Employing a rotating disc to control flow, this valve is compact and ideal for applications requiring quick shut-off.

3. Aluminium Bronze Check Valve: Known for its one-way flow control mechanism, preventing backflow and ensuring fluid moves in the desired direction.

4. Aluminium Bronze Gate Valve: Utilizing a sliding gate to control flow, this valve is robust and suitable for applications requiring tight shut-off.

5. Aluminium Bronze Globe Valve: Featuring a spherical body and a movable disc, this valve offers precise flow control and is commonly used in throttling applications.



1. Corrosion Resistance: Exhibiting outstanding resistance to corrosion, Aluminium Bronze valves ensure longevity and reliability in corrosive environments.

2. High Strength: With robust mechanical strength, these valves endure high-pressure conditions, ensuring consistent performance in demanding applications.

3. Durability: Known for their durability, Aluminium Bronze valves withstand wear and tear, minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime.

4. Heat and Wear Resistance: Engineered to withstand high temperatures and abrasion, these valves maintain performance integrity even in extreme operating conditions.

5. Ease of Manufacturing: Aluminium Bronze valve are relatively easy to manufacture, enabling efficient production and cost-effective solutions.

6. Resistance to Erosion and Cavitation: Resilient to erosion and cavitation damage, these valves offer reliable performance in challenging fluid flow conditions.

7. Low Maintenance: Requiring minimal maintenance, these valves contribute to reduced operational costs and enhanced system efficiency.

8. Versatility: Versatile in application, Aluminium Bronze valves cater to a wide range of industrial needs, offering flexibility and adaptability across different environments.


Industries served:

1. Marine and Shipbuilding Industry

2. Oil and Gas Industry

3. Chemical Processing Industry

4. Power Generation Industry

5. Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

6. Pulp and Paper Industry

7. Mining Industry

8. Aerospace Industry

9. Petrochemical Industry

10. Automotive Manufacturing Industry

11. Desalination Plants



1. Body Material: ASTM B505, C95400, C95500, C95800, C83600, C63000, C95400, C95200

2. Class: 150-2500

3. Ends: Flanged, Wafer, Lug, Buttweld, Threaded

4. Size: 1/2’’- 4’’

5. Operations: Pneumatic Actuated, Electric Actuated, Gear Operated, Lever Operated, Handwheel Operated


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