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AM1-017 Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel

Decorative Foam Wall Panels By AM1-017 Small Brick Pattern Sandwich Panel is suitable for all kinds of scenes, with good performance and can be matched with another pattern.



· 3 layers:


· Surface: 0.3 mm Al-zn alloy coated steel sheet (Al 55%, Zn 43%)


· Middle: 16mm PU foam


· Back : Aluminium foil paper


· Size: Length (3000mm-6000mm) * Width:380mm * Thickness: 16mm


· Weight: 3.7kgs/sqm



Baikal Sandwich panel is widely used for Exterior wall cladding and Interior wall Insulation and Decoration in the filed of PEB house, Villa, Steel Structure buildings, Hospital, Old Building renovation, School, Library, Supermarket, Plant, Train Station, Residence and so on!