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ASite Designer Only For Educators

No assumption to learn and adjust; intuitive and regular instruments.

Persistently open correspondence for students and families.

Not a fashioner? Exchange skillfully arranged subjects with a tick.

No “time for testing” with the assumption for free records. We call it Everlastingly Free.

We’ve happily served instructors for more than 10 years, starting around 2007!

Extremely Straightforward

Get everything moving in minutes. Regular, unmistakable devices and no item to download or present.

Boundless Pages

Do whatever it takes not to squeeze all of your viewpoints into one spot. Make anyway many pages as need might arise!

Easy to Share

Dispose of obstacles to talking with students and families. Give revives dynamically.

Design Centered

Not an organizer? Switch between masterfully arranged subjects with a solitary tick.

Free or Premium

Use Teacher Pages free everlastingly (genuinely!) or overhaul when you’re ready for premium components.

Feature Stacked

Premium archive move, media show (more than a million pictures), custom region names, from that point, anything is possible.

For Instructors

Being a teacher is maybe of the hardest work on the planet. Exactly when you’re not training, you’re endeavoring to keep facilitated and stay aware of essential parent-instructor correspondence. We know; we’re instructors.

See how Teacher Pages further develops it. Join requires two or three minutes.

For Overseers

Educator Pages maintains schools and areas with mass record creation, chipped away at charging and cutoff points, and record the leaders features for your Organization division.

Contact us for additional information and to sort out how Instructor Pages can maintain your affiliation.

For IT Divisions

The Instructor Pages stage is developed using ironclad security guidelines.

We shield passwords with industry standard one-way hashing and key expanding. Passwords are never taken care of in plain text, and reliably encoded on the way.

We’re happily worked with in the cloud (no additional structure the load up or expenses) and value 99.95% uptime thanks our cloud provider’s SLA.


Instructor Pages Against Spam Strategy

This report pronounces the endeavors by comparable to its definition and treatment of Spam.


What is Spam?

In electronic informing, Spam alludes to spontaneous, unpredictable messages, regularly sent for a business reason. Spam informing incorporates content presented on the site, and data sent by means of electronic informing. Models incorporate yet are not restricted to: deceiving business informing, erotic entertainment, phishing endeavors, malware, jabber, or content which in any case sometimes falls short for the goal and mission of has a severe Enemy of Spam strategy. We disdain Spam however much you do.

Client Made Spam gives an office permitting clients to make content which is publically accessible to site guests. In accordance with our severe Enemy of Spam strategy, clients posting content considered Spam at the prudence of staff will have all satisfied cleansed from their records without discount of any installment made to

Approaching Messages Spam Sifting

Our email servers consequently check all approaching email messages, and channel out those that seem, by all accounts, to be Spam. Moreover, happy presented by clients on are sifted for Spam, either by inside or outsider administrations, or physically by people.

Issues with Spam Separating

Bogus up-sides might happen in the Spam separating process, and similarly every so often real Spam content is neglected. We put forth a valiant effort to guarantee that possibly Spam content is treated as Spam and when recognized, eliminated from the site.

Receipt of Spam from

In the far-fetched occasion that you get any message sent from our frameworks (or which seems to have started from our frameworks) that might be viewed as Spam, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us utilizing the subtleties underneath. Your request will be viewed as earnest and tended to all things considered.

Changes to this Strategy

We might change this enemy of Spam strategy whenever by distributing another rendition on this site.


For inquiries regarding this enemy of Spam strategy, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us utilizing the data underneath:

About Instructor Pages

Instructor Pages is a free help that permits educators to make their own sites in minutes. There’s no product to download or introduce. Just site building goodness, here in your internet browser.

How Does Teacher Pages Work?

It’s simple! To start with, you’ll have to pursue a free record. We’ll begin you out by making a couple of test pages; you can alter them, erase them, sort them, and change the look and feel of them with our wide determination of configuration subjects. You can make however many new pages as you’d like, as well.


Why Is Instructor Pages Free?

Since we love educators.


Is There a Paid Arrangement?

Indeed, yet entirely it’s not needed! We offer a “Eternity Free” plan and you can utilize Teacher Pages totally free insofar as you’d like.


We’ve given our all to furnish you with a free web designer loaded with incredible highlights, however we really do offer a reasonable premium arrangement with need support and a couple of additional items. Every one of our superior elements are “pleasant to-haves”, so you won’t be missing much with our free arrangement. Our esteemed premium individuals assist with keeping the lights on and support our proceeded with development.


Is Teacher Pages a Major, Mean Organization?

Not a chance! A remarkable opposite. We’re a family-run business and have been since Teacher Pages sent off on August 3, 2007.


We’re Staying put

The market for study hall web designers has sure seen its up and downs…


Teacher Pages has been around starting around 2007 and we’ve never had a troublesome year. We’ve delighted in proceeded with development since send off and we do right up ’til now. Our group is comprised of educators and specialized experts, and our administration is based on the most state of the art innovation that anyone could hope to find to constantly further develop execution while minimizing expenses; by and large, the creative work we’ve done throughout the years is the explanation we’re unimaginably fruitful, and it’s a foundation of how we keep on working today.


We consistently improve and we genuinely care, and we’ll be around however long you really want us.