Applications scenarios

Neoway is experienced in many 2B & 2C applications, providing stable and reliable products and services for 40+ countries and regions around the world.




The intelligent medical equipment transmits the measured medical data of patients to remote healthcare terminals through wireless communication technology to realize real-time online monitoring and health status analysis.


Neoway wireless communication modules can be used in medical equipment that monitor the health conditions of elderly and patients and transmit data of remote medical equipment.


Customer pain points


Product advantages


Compact size, easy to integrate

Ultra-low power consumption and battery-powered, improving product portability

Customization of products and services

Supporting Cat.1, 2G and other network modes to seamlessly connect network equipment of different areas

Rich network protocols, integrating multiple standard interfaces, and supporting multiple drivers and software upgrade functions

SSL function ensures the security of data transmission.




Since 2016, Neoway have started the cooperation with 3nod  and other well-known Chinese enterprises to promote the development of intelligent telemedicine industry.

By the end of 2019, millions of telemedicine equipment equipped with Neoway wireless communication modules had been in use.