Artificial Grass Lawn

At any rate, just like other synthetically-manufactured fibers, artificial turfs and fake laws have disadvantages too. While other people are doing their early spring seeding and weeding and also exchanging all of the locations where the community canines left their own symbol, you are able to grab your garden hose and just rinse off your artificial grass lawn and it will look as good as new. When your neighbors are cutting their synthetic grass each week, you could be practicing on your own backyard putting green so that you can defeat them the very next time you go to the greens. Any golfer knows that your short game is what lowers your golfing ranking. Even when you possess the best extended drives because you’ve practiced at the driving range a lot, they’re not what wins with your foursome.

Urban Turf are a New Zealand owned and operated company dedicated to manufacture and supply of quality artificial grass turf. We continue customer service after project completion. Our manufacturing staff have generations of experience in the production of artificial grass, both in New Zealand and Australia. We have an extensive and growing list of qualified approved installers and dealers around New Zealand. As well as satisfactory tufting, finishing and backing procedures, yarn quality is essential to achieving optimum durability, appearance retention and performance. URBAN TURF SOLUTIONS use only the highest quality yarn available, globally, from manufactures such as BONAR YARNS to help deliver quality products with exceptional performance characteristics.

Carefully remove existing elements over the surface, including sprinklers and electrical features. Since the artificial grass is to be installed without obstruction, unwanted grass and tree roots must be taken off using a shovel and a cutter; thereafter, proceed by grading the sub-base of the ground. Then spread evenly the base material, either flattened, mounded or slightly rolled. Wet the area so it can be compacted all over. When dry, smoothen the ground to eliminate bumps. Remember, the project area need not be so flat; you can make slight grading to accommodate any drainage requirement.