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ASAP Nitrile Light

Why Are Nitrile Gloves Popular?

Well, it comes down to the functionality of the products, and the safety that they provide. Their development was spurred by the problems which were reported with its main competitor: latex gloves. Since latex is sourced from natural rubber, its subject to fluctuations in price, that were witnessed right from the plantations where the raw material is obtained. On the other hand, nitrile is a synthetic material, obtained from acrylonitrile and butadiene monomers. Production in labs reduces the influence of the erratic markets on the product, thus providing price stability for the final products that consumers purchase.

Next, with nitrile gloves, you won’t have to worry about allergic reactions that were witnessed with latex products, or the sensitisation that results from continued exposure to the latex protein. In fact, this single reason has been key in the shift from latex to nitrile gloves in the medical industry. Concerns about doctors and nurses reacting to the latex proteins has led to policy changes by government and regulatory bodies, pushing for utilisation of the safer nitrile alternative. Then there is the comfort. The gloves fit snuggly onto the hand- like a second skin. You simply need to get the right size fit for your particular situation. The flexibility and dexterity provided by the gloves enables you to proceed with your task with ease. 

With powder free nitrile gloves, risks associated with cornstarch powder that are witnessed in the conventional gloves are avoided. Powder in examination and surgical gloves results in issues like wound infections and inflammation, which affect the recovery process of the patient. For the powdered latex gloves, the allergic reactions increase. This is because the powder will cause the latex proteins to get spread into the environment when the gloves are being worn and removed, putting the patients, healthcare workers, and other persons in the vicinity at risk.  

Selecting The Right ASAP Nitrile Gloves For Your Needs

Applications vary. Different nitrile gloves have been developed for usage across a wide range of industries, from health care institutions, manufacturing facilities, chemical processing plants, laboratories where examinations are being carried out, all through to food processing and janitorial applications. The choice of product you go for will be determined by the environment in which it will be used. Which factors should you consider?

First, there’s the comfort.  Nitrile itself softens quickly onto the skin, enabling you to work comfortably. However, physical attributes like the size of the gloves are key here. You want to work with a size that will be suitable for you, reducing issues of fatigue especially when working for extended periods. A close-fitting pair of nitrile gloves is key for tactility and flexibility. The texture also comes into play. This depends on the application, where you may want a smooth pair of gloves that reduces the surface friction, or opt for one with micro-roughened fingertips to increase your grip. The latter is especially ideal for cases where you will be handling tools and small objects, where a firm grip is needed. 


Why Are Nitrile Gloves Popular?