Asia Farming

Agriculture Farming

Agriculture has been backbone of Asian economy sine ancient times. Agriculture has been basic occupation for Asian people. Near about 70 percent of population in Asia is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood.  Plenty of fertile land is available in Asia. Fertile land is favorable for production of fruits,  crops, minerals etc. Farmers take care of entire process of agriculture like sowing seeds, harvesting crops, watering, etc. The equipments used for plough, tractor, bullocks etc. Nowadays farmers are using modern technologies and equipments for agriculture purpose.

Asia is well known for its agriculture knowledge. People from different places come here to study agriculture science. Maximum revenue is generated from agriculture sector in Asia. Farmers in Asia are well soil, land fertility, quality of seeds, etc. Farmers have knowledge about what to produce and when. In recent past number of poor farmers are committing suicide due to improper cultivation and loss in the field. Government has introduces several schemes and concessions to farmers. Government is also providing education to farmers about how to increase the productivity of land. Initially farmers used the fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds un-proportionally which reduces the productivity of land. Now government is taking care that farmers are educated properly about every activities in farming. Government is taking-care that farmer’s receive good return from their cultivations.

In present scenario there are many places in Asia where agriculture is not given importance. People fail to understand the importance of this sector. Very few people select this field as career or occupation. In Asia farmers are manipulated by middlemen’s. They just look for commissions and income for themselves but forget the hard work of farmers. Even today in some places farmers are exploited by the landlords. The revenues from agriculture sector have increased after introduction of modern technologies in farming. Now government is also taking several measures to improve this sector. Many changes and improvements are required to increase the revenue generated from this sector.