ATP For Architecture & Home Decoration Cable


The latest Fire Defender LSZH product series is polyolefin catalog flame retardant material (LSZH) especially developed by ATP to meet the high flame retardant requirement of cables and optical cables. Compared with the traditional polyolefin catalog flame retardant material, Fire Defender experienced a long time of research and development with more comprehensive and harsh tests. The overall promotion includes a selection of raw materials, design of formulation, combination innovation of flame retardant system, innovation of lubrication system and production process control, etc., which create a brand new upgraded version of LSZH material, in comparison with the conventional flame retardant polyolefin products.


Fire Defender series has the following characteristics:


1. Retardant reliability


Fully support the mainstream specifications of architecture and home decoration cable meet the requirements of single vertical combustion and bundle combustion test.


Very effective solution of total heat release and peak heat release rate control, The higher carbon deposition efficiency, that refers to the quickly carburized of the cable surface while burning, which forms an effective protective layer. Smoke generation and halogen gas release while burning fully meet the requirements of the regulations.


2. Safety and reliability:


The low smoke zero halogen material passes comprehensive tests, which includes aging resistance, heat resistance, environmental resistance and etc.;


3. Good wear resistance:


provided with better wear resistance and scratch resistance than the others in the same testing condition;


4. Good process-ability:


fully meet the requirements of high-speed extruding, line diameter rounded and Stable, less salivation (less die stock), good color stability, and higher yield rate;


5. Quality control:


batch stability and homogeneity guarantee.